Masomo e.V. is a non-profit organisation with ten members.

kathaIn Memory of Katharina Wunsch 

(06.12.1985 - 29.01.2010)  

Katha, one of our first volunteers, and thus an original kuku (literally 'chicken' in Swahili - as all of our volunteers are now lovingly referred to) entered our lives in the summer of 2005. After graduating from high school, she joined Lena, Kathrin and Tini on our annual trip to the Starehe Children's Home. Having fallen deeply in love with the children, Katha returned from that first trip to Tanzania deciding to devote her time to help realise our dream of building the kids a nursery school. In 2009, Masomo members honoured her unfailing commitment and financial savvy by electing Katha as their treasurer. Shortly after returning from another summer in Tanzania in 2009, Katha was diagnosed with leukemia. She fought her illness with dignity and optimism until the day she lost her battle on January 29th, 2010. Katha, we will think of you always. 
Lala Salama.

tiniKristina Bennett  is a founding member of Masomo and took on the the responsibility of the Starehe Nursery School Director. Kristina was teaching at the school as well as training local staff. She is now working at an international school in Dar es Salaam.

kathrinKathrin Titze (née Juds) spent two years in Dar es Salaam working for the German Development Cooperation. As a founding member she has taken on the president's post and is responsible for all organisational and administrative matters.

lenaLena Lilge (née Wallner) was studying special education in Würzburg and is now a special needs teacher for physically disabled children. She has visited the children in Mwanza three times. As deputy chairperson she is in charge of public relations.

maritaMargarita Sarinena Libera is the senior member of Masomo. Since visiting Starehe Children´s Home in 2004 she has realised that it is only through receiving a good education that these children have a chance in the future.

christophChristoph Schindler has finished his studies as an accountant in Berlin. In the summer of 2004 he was able to see first hand, the struggles that the children face day by day. Christoph is the treasurer of Masomo. 

alexanderAlexander Koch studied law at the University of Berlin. He used to live and work in Nairobi, Kenya. This made it possible for Alexander to visit Starehe Childrens Home several times. He currently works for an international organisation in Paris, France. He is in charge of the Isamilo School scholarships.

matthiasMatthias Sander runs fundraising for Masomo. He currently helps transform a leading German industrial goods company. Previously, he launched his career in Management Consulting. Matthias holds degrees in Business Administration from HHL and MIT. 

emmaEmma Painter (née Hopkins)  is responsible for looking after some of the Isamilo sponsors. Emma went to Durham University in the UK, where she studied French, German and Healthcare Management. She is now working as a Manager in a healthcare setting. Emma first visited Starehe as a volunteer in 2008 and has returned several times to help out.

jakobDr. Jakob Danckert is a lawyer. His main responsibilities include advising Masomo on legal matters and arranging the bureaucratic matters which accompany german non-profit status. 

Steven Steven Bennett is Kristina Bennett's brother. Steven completed his degree in Development Studies and International Relations in 2001 and has since been working as a Project and Account Manager for various international organizations. Steven takes care of project related matters, as well as the communication with partners. 

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