Kristina Bennett works as a preschool teacher at the international Isamilo School in Mwanza, Tanzania, and begins volunteering at the Starehe Childrens Home.  
Starehe Children's Home is an orphanage in Mwanza, which has been managed by the Canadian missionary couple Ron and Loudell Posein since 1996. Today the orphanage is the home to more than 120 children aged 3 months to 16 years.

August 2003

After returning to Berlin Kristina begins to arrange scholarships for some of the children living at the orphanage. This would make it possible for some orphans of the Starehe Childrens Home to attend the International Isamilo School.

July 2004

Kristina visits the orphanage again, joined by her friends Marita, Christoph, and Kathrin.  This is when the idea was born to build a preschool and nursery on the site of the Starehe Childrens Home. This would enable all the young children to take their first educational steps in a secure and nurturing environment.

November 2004

Realising the scale of this project, Kristina decided to found a non-profit organisation with her friends. The organisation has seven founding memebers.
The goals of our organisation are to continue the scholarships, as well as constructing a preschool. Therefore it seemed only natural to name our organisation Masomo, which means education in Kiswahili, the local language of East Africa.

July 2005

Kristina, Kathrin, Lena, and Katharina travel to Mwanza to meet with the orphanages director and the builder to discuss the school construction.

February 2006

Masomo e.V. receives its non-profit status in Germany. Since then all donations in Germany are tax-deductible.

July 2006

Kristina and Lena travel with a team of volunteers to Mwanza.

September 2006

Kristina, Jakob, Katharina, and Kathrin are invited to present Masomo e.V. to Mrs. Köhler, the wife of the German Federal President.

January 2007

After all legal relations have been clarified and money has been raised the  school construction of the Starehe Nursery School can begin. Kathrin is attending the ground-breaking ceremony on-site.

May 2007

A huge container including 7000 lbs of gifts in kind and school materials is being shipped from Berlin to Mwanza.

June 2007

Alexander and Kathrin visit the Starehe Childrens Home and check on the school construction.

July 2007

At the annual meeting Masomo accepts three new members; the board is newly elected.

August 2007

Kristina, Katharina and some volunteers travel to Mwanza to get ready for the opening of the school.

September 2007

Masomo receives its non-profit status in the United States. Since then all donations in the US are tax-deductible.

December 2007

The construction works of the Starehe Nursery School are finally finished.

January 2008

The Starehe Nursery School starts operating.

March 2008

The Starehe Nursery School is officially opened. Honorable Lawrence Masha, Tanzanian Minister for Home Affairs, cuts the ribbon at the opening ceremony. Masomo is represented by Kristina, Kathrin and Lena.

December 2009

At the annual meeting Masomo welcomes two new members, Emma Hopkins and Steven Bennett. 

December 2011

The management of the "Starehe Nursery School" is handed over to the directors of the onsite orphanage. Local staff and assistants who have been trained through Masomo take over the running of the school.

December 2012

The Starehe Children's Home has a new owner and will be called "Village of Hope Mwanza." The orphanage's board members decide to terminate the Isamilo Sponsorship program.

August 2013

The Isamilo Sponsorship program comes to an end.

December 2013

Masomo ceases all activities.

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