As a result of sponsorship, Masomo has been able to send some of the children from Starehe Children's Home to Isamilo School, which is an International School in Mwanza.

In November 2012, Starehe Children's Home was taken over by a new management team and will now be called the Village of Hope Mwanza. As a result, this team has decided to take 12 of the 14 children we sponsor out of the Isamilo International School and to send them to local schools along with the other children from the orphanage. Masomo has tried everything in its power to get them to change this decision, but sadly this has been unsuccessful. As a result, the sponsorship of these 12 children had to end in December 2012.

As two of our sponsored children, Miriam and Paul, were undertaking their iGCSE examinations in the summer of 2013, they were allowed to remain at Isamilo until then in order to complete their examinations. After they have finished, all Isamilo sponsorship had to end.

Our Isamilo Children

Paul (iGCSE graduate) is a talkative and polite young man, who loves helping others. He often volunteers to help younger children with their homework and has recently been put in charge of Starehe library. He is responsible and hard-working.

Miriam, Kelly's sister, born 20.07.1995, iGCSE graduate, is a delightful young lady. She works exceptionally hard and is very mature and responsible. In her most recent report, her teacher praised her as being an enthusiastic student who surpasses most teachers in her level of organization!

Kelly (born 10.03.1991) only started attending Isamilo at the age of 14 in 2005. He is our first and only student who finished school in 2012 with A-Levels. He is an amazing young man with great academic capabilities and the charm and personality to match. Although quiet and sometimes shy, Kelly is helpful, especially when working with his younger siblings. Kelly would like to study geology.

Kashuliza (born 20.10.1996) (up to Year 9) has the most infectious smile and can charm most people to look past his mischievous tendencies. He liked school and had many friends that he spent the majority of break times playing football with. Kashuliza is very helpful and often volunteers to practise reading with his younger brothers and sisters at Starehe.

Revo (born 20.09.1997, his full name is Revocatus; up to Year 9) is our performer. He loves drama and English, and was the starring role in the Isamilo rendition of Mama Mia. He has a beautiful voice and is confident enough to sing solos and perform in front of filled auditoriums. If he is not entertaining us all, he generally has his nose stuck in a book, reading away.

Massele (born 26.11.1997) (up to Year 10) is a happy and charistmatic young man. He has had a tough start in Secondary School, but has realised that with the right attitude, he can achieve anything he puts his mind to. We are excited about this new, positive attitude and looking forward to the great things ahead of him.

Musa (born 28.07.2000) (up to Year 8) is a quiet boy with lots of drive. He is a keen footballer with determination and skill. He likes English, but finds math tricky. Aside from football, he excels at all sports and plays well within a team.

Nancy (formerly known as Vicky; born 24.09.1997; up to Year 10) is a wonderful young lady with endless talents. She has a beautiful voice and performed at many recitals and awards evenings.

Sara (born 11.07.1999)(up to Year 8) is a lovely girl, with a lot of personality. She has many friends and is never seen alone. Sara likes Music lessons and Design and Technology. She enjoys creating things and cooking.

Stella (born 05.04.2006) (up to Year 2) is a very quiet little girl that enjoyed her weekly swimming lessons. Stella's favourite free time activity is playing with the older girls in Starehe.

Baraka (up to Year 5) is a shy class member. He  loves technology and working on the computers is his favourite activity at school. He is also a confident swimmer and a good athlete who has come first in many sports competitions at school.

Michelle (up to Year 5) is a confident and happy little girl. She likes going to school and being with her friends. She also loves learning and soaks up new things like a sponge. Michelle loves sports and always looked forward to her weekly swimming lessons. 

Rosie (up to Year 4) is our little charmer. She is never without a smile and her giggles are infectious. She loves school and chatters away endlessly if someone talks to her about her day. Rosie loves reading and uses every opportunity to practise her skills or look at new books. She is a very eager performer and is extremely confident when singing, dancing or presenting her work to others.

Anthony (up to Year 4) is a very sweet child. He is always eager to participate in different activities and always tries his best. Although English is not is strong suit, he works hard and enjoys reading and writing. Being creative comes easy to Anthony and his artist talents are especially noteworthy.

Bruno (up to Year 4) is a very boisterous boy who had many friends at school. In lessons he could be quite shy though he liked taking part in all curriculum areas. He loves being creative and his natural musical ability is outstanding. If anyone needs rhythmical advice - Bruno is the one to go to!

(update August 2013)

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