School Construction

There are two reasons why Masomo decided to build a preschool on the grounds of Starehe Children's Home.

Firstly, the young orphans living there had no opportunities to attend a preschool or kindergarten even though this would be the best time for young minds to be introduced to learning.

Secondly, the children at Starehe Children's Home only hear and speak Kiswahili and this makes it very difficult for them to become immersed in an English language primary school.

By providing a solid English language education we will be equipping the children with essential skills to cope in English speaking primary schools. This will then help to lead them to successful educational careers.

Our "Starehe Nursery School" started operating in January 2008. The building measures 400 square meters and includes four classrooms, a computer lab, a library, and a staff room. The school can accommodate up to 100 children.

Kristina Bennett, Masomos co-founder, and a qualified teacher, was managing the "Starehe Nursery School" in conjunction with the directors of Starehe Children's Home.

Masomo covered the running costs of the school for the first four years after the building work was complete.

Children of the Starehe Children's Home are admitted to the school for free. Locally living children and those of Starehe staff members are admitted to the "Starehe Nursery School" while paying school fees. This does not only ensure that strong links with the community are upheld, but it also enables mothers to keep working, and local children to receive a good education. Furthermore due to this income the school is now almost able to meet the running costs.

In December 2011 we achieved our objective: After building up the school over the course of four years we could hand over the "Starehe Nursery School" to the orphanage. All responsibility for teaching are now managed by local staff only.

Masomo's involvement in running the school has been terminated since.


The pictures below show the school construction, as well some pictures of our first few months. Please click on the pictures to enlarge size. Thanks!

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